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Property Pricing

A proper listing price is critical to selling your property quickly

The longer your property spends on the market, the lower the offers will go. Our pricing strategy is a combination of more than — years of experience and a careful analysis of the market.

Property Pricing Services

  • Suggested List Price
  • Suggested Property Improvements
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of Sold Properties and Current Listings
  • Price Adjustments

Our two-step CMA method is proven to determine the perfect price

A preliminary price is determined by an analysis of recently sold properties with similar features as your own. We make detailed adjustments based on features like number of bedrooms, garages and the property’s condition.

Our final price is adjusted based on comparable properties currently on the market, giving us the most up-to-date information about upward and downward trends in the market.

We monitor the changing market to make informed price adjustments

We keep you and your listing price up-to-date based on swift changes in the market. We always consult our sellers before making any adjustments. Your peace of mind is our first priority.

Sell your home the right way.

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